Company Info


PT Onix Sekuritas, established on 25 May 2012, is a subsidiary of PT Onix Capital Tbk. The Company has two licenses as a securities company, i.e. as a broker-dealer (KEP 03/D.04/PEE/2013) and as a securities underwriter (KEP 03/D.04/PEE/2013) from the Financial Services Authority on 31 January 2013.

PT Onix Sekuritas was a spin-off to carry out the securities business of PT Onix Capital Tbk, with the spin-off taking place on 28 March 2013. All the parent company’s securities business will subsequently be dealt with PT Onix Sekuritas.


To be a prominent securities company in the region


Actively developing and involved in investment banking activities


To be one of the top 20 securities companies based on transaction value